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No Matter What The Financial Situation, There Are Always Options To Explore

FREE CONSULTATION for debt consolidation. Debt is never simple and the burden can cause enormous strain. We'll find the right debt relief solution for your specific financial situation and get you back on track to rebuilding your worth today, debt free.

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Your first step to financial freedom is booking your free debt consolidation consultation with a Bromwich+Smith debt relief specialist.

What Happens During Your Free Debt Relief Consultation?

A Bromwich+Smith Debt Relief Specialist will go over the details of your current financial situation with you. Together, you will review your details, to see what you are dealing with in terms of tax debt, garnishing of wages, and other financial struggles, all with the purpose of getting you debt relief or debt consolidation.

Next, they’ll review options with you and recommend a debt relief solution tailored to your debt assistance situation. The options include credit counselling  and debt consolidation, which are described below.

Next, they’ll review options with you and recommend a debt relief solution tailored to your debt assistance situation. The options include debt counselling and debt consolidation, which are described below. 

Debt Counselling  

Debt counselling can provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to take control of your finances, credit card debt, wage garnishments, and more to build a secure financial future by better managing your debt--and by staying out of unnecessary debt. 

Central to Bromwich+Smith is providing you with the debt relief tools to conquer your debt, now and for the future. Your first debt consolidation consultation is free of charge or obligation. When you file with us, you receive two further debt counselling sessions with our knowledgeable and compassionate experts at no cost to you. Learn More » 

Debt Consolidation 

A debt consolidation loan consolidates all of your creditors into a single loan. However, unlike a Consumer Proposal, you are required to pay back 100% of the debt with interest. 

If you still have a good credit rating and significant assets to secure a loan and you want to have a debt consolidation with consolidate your debts into one monthly payment, a bank debt consolidation loan may be a great option. However, our debt relief specialists will consider options that may align with your particular needs more effectively. 

A consumer proposal also consolidates all your debts into one monthly payment, but unlike a debt consolidation loan, you pay back only the portion of your debt that you can afford. A consumer proposal offers significant legal protection against creditor actions, which are immediately immediate stopped upon filing.

Further, there are no interest charges and a good
credit rating is not required, and a consumer proposal does not touch your assets. Learn More » 

Other debt support:

At Bromwich+Smith, our Debt Relief Specialists are knowledgeable about tax debt, credit card debt, bills, payday loans, wage garnishments, and legal actions.

Our team of Debt Relief Specialists are here to offer you unbiased and nonjudgmental assistance, providing you with the right debt relief consultation solution to stop creditor actions, eliminate your debt and get you back on track to rebuilding your worth today. Spend up to thirty minutes on the phone with one of our trained and experienced Debt Relief Specialists to determine the best solution to conquer your debt.  You can also request a call back at our contact us page or connect with us directly through chat. Your debt relief consultation is always free and confidential, with no obligation. For a free, compassionate, and personalized debt relief consultation, call Bromwich+Smith at 1-855-884-9243, or visit