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We'll find the right solution for your specific financial situation and get you back on track to rebuilding your worth today, debt free.

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At Bromwich+Smith, we understand the stress that debt can put on all aspects of life. Since 2002, we have helped thousands of Canadians with restructuring programs that eliminate debt and will put you back on track to rebuilding your worth, debt and stress free.

Rebuild your Worth

Not just a slogan, Rebuild Your Worth is our philosophy. At Bromwich+Smith, we believe that rebuilding financial wellbeing also helps to restore personal wellbeing and self-confidence. You can trust us to work with you to find a solution that makes you whole again and settles your debt once and for all.

A dedicated and highly skilled team

You can rest assured, no matter how complicated you may believe your financial situation to be, there are always options to explore.

During your free consultation, our skilled team of  Debt Relief Specialists will take a detailed look at your finances with you, finding a solution that fits your specific financial situation. No cookie cutter solutions, just unbiased, nonjudgmental and confidential help to find the right debt relief solution specifically tailored for you.

Why deal directly with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee?

When it comes time to put a restructuring program into action, our team of Licensed Insolvency Trustees are ready to work with you.

Only a Licensed Insolvency Trustee like Bromwich+Smith has the legal authority to administer two powerful debt restructuring programs, a Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy, for you. In fact, if a debt relief service offers a Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy to you, ask if they are Licensed Insolvency Trustees. If they are not, they will by law be required to engage an external Trustee, while adding their unnecessary middleman fees to the process.

The Federal government recommends you deal directly with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee like Bromwich+Smith.

Ready for Covid-19 and into the future.

Bromwich+Smith was one of the first Licensed Insolvency Trustee teams in Canada to offer free phone consultations and all the services needed, from the start to the completion of a debt restructuring programs, virtually via phone and computer. This means you can start and complete a program without having to ever step foot in our offices.