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No matter how complicated you may believe your financial situation to be, you can rest assured there are always debt relief options to explore. At Bromwich+Smith Saskatoon, our team recognizes the stress and anxiety that debt can put on all aspects of your life. Our team of Saskatoon Debt Relief Specialists is here to assist you with nonjudgmental, unbiased, and confidential help. 

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During your free consultation, a Bromwich+Smith Debt Relief Specialist will examine your financial situation with you and provide you with the best solution to relieve your financial situation. You can trust us to work with you to provide a solution that makes you whole again and settles your debt once and for all.

A Consumer Proposal. A Powerful Debt Relief Solution.

With a Consumer Proposal, we negotiate with your creditors on your behalf, usually settling your debt for only a percentage of original amount owed, interest free. The negotiated amount is based on your budget and not what creditors were demanding, and allows for up to 5 years to pay. The rest is forgiven. A Consumer Proposal can be a powerful alternative to declaring bankruptcy and is only available only from a Licensed Insolvency Trustee like Bromwich+Smith. Talk to us today to find out if a Consumer Proposal is the right solution for you. 

Here's How A Consumer Proposal Works

+ Debts Are Settled For Only A Percentage of Original Amount Owing.  The Remainder is Forgiven.

Bromwich+Smith will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf, usually settling your debt for a % of original debt owed. And once the Proposal is accepted, creditors can't come back asking for more.

+ What Kinds of Debt Are Included in a Consumer Proposal? 

A Consumer Proposal includes CRA Tax Debt, credit cards, payday loans and ALL other unsecured debt, and is legally binding on all creditors. 

+ Keep Your Assets

Your home, car and other possessions are not touched by a Consumer Proposal. 

+ Stops All Creditor Legal Actions & Calls

Immediately upon filing of the Proposal, all creditor collections, calls & legal actions must stop. No more stressful letters or bothersome calls! Wage garnishees are also stopped.

Other Debt Relief Options

Declare Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy is always the last option, after all other options are explored. However it can be the best option for certain financial situations. And there are asset exemptions available with a bankruptcy, including protection of your Pensions, RRSP's and other registered savings plans, plus a set amount of equity in your home, vehicles and household items.  We'll give you the details you need to determine if declaring bankruptcy is the best option for you to start fresh, debt free. Learn More »

Credit Counselling

Sometimes, having the right knowledge and tools can be exactly what you need to control your debt. Credit counselling can provide this for you. Learn More »

A Consumer Proposal vs Bank Consolidation Loans

Consolidation of your debt into a bank consolidation loan could be the right debt solution for you if you have significant assets to secure a loan, still have a good credit rating, and just need time to pay. However, unlike a Consumer Proposal, with a consolidation loan you are still responsible for paying 100% of your debt with interest, and a loan may not help stop garnishees or other legal actions.  

Don't Pay Unnecessary Fees

If a debt relief service offers a Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy to you, ask if they are Licensed Insolvency Trustees. Only a Licensed Insolvency Trustee like Bromwich+Smith has the legal authority to administer a Consumer Proposal or file a Bankruptcy. All other services offering these solutions are required by law to engage an external Trustee, while adding their unnecessary middleman fees to the process. The Canadian Federal Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy recommends you deal directly with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee like Bromwich+Smith. Contact our Debt Relief Specialist Team and start rebuilding your worth today.

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At Bromwich+Smith, our Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Debt Relief Specialists are available to offer debt advice and debt restructuring programs on the phone, from the comfort of your own home. Your consultation is always free! We are also one of the first in the industry to offer video appointments with clients. Call Us Today:1(855)884-9243 (Toll Free)

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