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A Bromwich+Smith Debt Relief Specialist will go over the details of your financial situation with you, finding the right solution to eliminate your debt and get you back on track to rebuilding your worth. There is never a charge, and your free consultation can take place on the phone from the convenience of your home.

your options.

Consumer Proposal

Only making minimum payments, missing payments and/or creditors taking collection and legal actions against you?  A Consumer Proposal could offer the debt relief you need. With a Consumer Proposal, Bromwich+Smith reaches a legally binding agreement with your creditors for you, usually offering to settle your debt for a percentage of original amount owing, and allowing you an extended period of time to pay.

Benefits of a Consumer Proposal:

PlusAll debts are consolidated into a single monthly payment for up to 5 years, based on what you can afford.
PlusAll creditors, including credit cards and Canada Revenue Taxation, are legally bound by the conditions of the proposal.
PlusA Proposal doesn't touch your assets. 
PlusCreditor collections and legal actions, including wage garnishees, are immediately stopped.
PlusThere are no interest charges. Every payment goes directly to paying off the proposal.
PlusThere are no hidden fees. We are paid by a government tariff, which is covered by the settlement amount with your creditors.

other options.


Before recommending bankruptcy, all other options are first explored, determining if another option, such as a Consumer Proposal, might be a better option for you. If it is determined that for your financial situation a bankruptcy is the best option to provide the debt relief you need, we'll give you all the facts you need to understand the bankruptcy process and make the right decision for you. Learn More »

Credit Counselling

With credit counselling, the focus is on providing you with budgeting advice and tools to take control of your debt and plan for your future. Learn More »

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation loans are usually made available through your bank or other financial institution. With debt consolidation, some or all of your debts are consolidated into one lump sum, often reducing the interest you are required to pay and providing you with extended time to pay. A Bromwich+Smith Debt Relief Specialist will go over the details of with you and explain the differences between a consolidation loan and a consumer proposal.   Learn More »

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