Bromwich+Smith presents Financial Transformation Weekend w/ Erin Skye Kelly


Join Us For The Financial Transformation Weekend, a 2-Day Intense & Hands-On Virtual Conference

November 28th & 29th, 2020 | 9 am to 12 pm MST both days

Regular Price $249  Bromwich+Smith Exclusive Price $25

BONUS: If you attend the full weekend and commit to doing the work, your ticket will be refunded.

Financial wellness isn’t taught in school, but now you can get schooled in how to improve your finances in this intense two-day course.


We created this weekend to help you learn all the basics in a two-day financial boot camp scenario. You'll give us your Saturday and Sunday morning and in exchange we will teach you:

  • how to let go of past financial mistakes and create a compelling new future
  • how to track and grow your net worth
  • how to create a money plan that works for your life
  • how to create financial goals and know if you are on track to making them happen
  • how to create healthy financial boundaries (and how this positively impacts your health and your love-life too! Bow-chicka-wow-wow!)
Note: THIS IS NOT A SALES COURSE. You will not be "pitched" anything. You can leave your wallets behind as this is simply a financial education course. Our collective goal is that you leave feeling empowered as you will have already taken action toward financial certainty and freedom by the time you graduate on Sunday afternoon.
This course is INTENSE. Our job is to make sure you get all the information you need in the most efficient amount of time possible. Your job is to log in on time, with a notebook, pen, calculator on your phone/device, and a positive open attitude ready to learn. Please have lots of snacks and water to keep you hydrated, and a bathroom nearby as we take limited breaks to keep you away from your loved ones for as little time as possible.
There will be an arts and crafts project (no, really!) you'll complete in your free time on Saturday afternoon, so leave a 90-minute window to complete your homework sometime between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning!

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Bromwich+Smith presents Financial Transformation Weekend w/ Erin Skye Kelly

Bromwich+Smith presents Financial Transformation Weekend w/ Erin Skye Kelly

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