Normalizing Debt

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Normalizing The Conversation Of Debt

At a recent financial coaching workshop one of the participants volunteered to be coached by the instructor in front of the entire class. As she candidly shared her own story, there was a sense that she felt like she was the only one. Like she was unique in her financial struggle and that she felt slightly ashamed. The reality is, that hit home for everyone in the workshop and made everyone realize how common it actually is to struggle financially at some point in some way.

There can be a feeling of guilt and shame tied to our financial lives. We think that everyone else, all our friends and family members are financially set. They make way more money than they need, they carry little to no debt, they are at peace with their financial situations. There certainly are people like that, however, a large majority of Canadians are struggling with their debt, their budget and their finances to some extent. So, why aren’t we talking more openly and transparently about debt?

We are Bromwich+Smith and we believe we need to normalize the conversation of debt. We need to realize just how common it is and that our self-worth is NOT tied to our net-worth. We need to know what our options are, what resources are available, and we need to support, encourage and empower our friends and family struggling with debt, the same way we support, encourage and empower our friends and family with other life struggles.

Where do we start? Let’s start by just openly talking about our own financial challenges. Let’s start by finding credible resources on how best to navigate out of financial challenges. Let’s share these resources with our friends and family and empower them to reach out for help. There is life after debt! At Bromwich+Smith, we are here to help. We have the solutions to eliminate your debt and get you back on the path to rebuild your worth today.