Women:  Let's Be Financial Advocates

Women:  Let's Be Financial Advocates

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By Bromwich+Smith Staff | 529 words | Reading Time: 2 minutes, 38 seconds | Date: 2022/03/08

A lot of us are still struggling from this pandemic with burnout or bowing out of the workplace. So many things have changed and continue to do so but the great news is we are still here. 

Women have made major strides whether it's in business, investing or our collective power in bringing change. The biggest gift we can give ourselves is to remain energized and committed to our cause — at home, at work, and everywhere in between.

So we are outlining a few tips that we know will keep the momentum going, while at the same time ensuring that we become financial advocates for ourselves and our families.

Let’s Talk About Money

When we talk about money we start to establish a healthy money mindset, which is so critical in empowering ourselves financially.  Talking about money helps us understand what’s possible and where we stand with money. 

The way to take care of yourself in any relationship is to communicate, there shouldn’t be taboos, especially when it comes to money.  It doesn’t have to be awkward either, carve out space specifically to get used to these unfamiliar conversations. It’s time to normalize money conversations in your lives with friends, partners and your family.

Teach your children about money

Whether you’re a mom, aunt, older cousin, or role model, we have advice for teaching your children about money. Bottom-line: your child is never too young to start to learn.

Speak up for change at work 

The more we can make things better for women in our workplaces, the better off we’ll all be. If you’re in a position to speak up in your workplace, please do so. Also remember to speak up for yourself. Advocating to be paid what you’re worth is a feminist act. 

Spend money on women

Where we put our dollars makes a difference. But also, here’s a radical mantra, if you’re in the position: give your money to women that need it. Donations to good causes are powerful. Whether you’re donating to established causes or to the gang of 20-somethings in your neighborhood rounding up baby supplies, make donations a habit. 

 Invest to change the world for women

Every dollar you spend, save, or invest has an impact, even if you don’t know what that impact is. Intentional investing comes down to knowing why you’re investing (aka what goals you’re working toward), choose investing in a company that aligns with your values.  

 Seek out resources

We have many resources available to you, which you can find here.  At the same time through partners like Cacheflo and others you can access free financial webinars at our events page. 

Finally, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) has launched a national advertising campaign that is focused on helping Canadians but more specifically women through financial literacy so that they can reach their financial goals. This campaign will run until March 31, 2022 and you can learn more by visiting Canada.ca/Financial-Literacy

Regardless, if you are feeling financial stress and don’t know where to start, we’re here to help. With Bromwich+Smith you are never alone and we ensure that our expertise will leave you feeling hopeful and confident. Call our Licensed Insolvency Trustees today for a free, no obligation, confidential consultation 1-855-884-9243. Let’s see you flourish!


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