Seven Ways to Save Money on Halloween 

Seven Ways to Save Money on Halloween 

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By Bromwich+Smith staff | Reading time: 4 minutes, 37 seconds | 958 words 

Halloween falls into a time of year that can leave your wallet with cobwebs - just after Thanksgiving dinner, just before all the Black Friday deals. Halloween does not have to give you a scare every time you check your bank account though! Many of us remember the late fall evenings, setting up homemade Halloween decorations with your parents, carving pumpkins, even making costumes. Bringing back that tradition could make you feel right at home during the spooky season, while also keeping those cobwebs and ghosts in your front yard where they belong! So, light a pumpkin spice candle, grab your coffee cup and here are a few reminders of just how we used to get into the Halloween spirit. 

  1. Get Crafty with DIY Decorations 

What do garbage bags, rope and a shovel have in common? Well, you probably should not be taking those items through a checkout aisle anytime soon, good thing for you is that these are common items around the house to make your own body bag display! Just fill the bags with stuffing like old news papers, or towels, tie some rope around it, put that shovel in the ground right beside your soon to be disposed corpse and watch the neighborhood kids drop their candy bags and run at the sight of it all. Got an old jar kicking around and access to a picture of your mother in-laws face? This is a great time to make a head in a jar! Just take a photo of said mother in-laws face submerge it in a jar full of water and boom! You have enough scare power to not only make your house the spookiest on the block, but also ensure no trick or treaters come and take your candy as well! 

  1.  Spirit Halloween? Move over 

Cardboard box sitting in your storage room? Well now the possibilities are endless. You are now a robot. Grab a piece of black construction paper and all black clothes.  Form the construction paper around your neck in a cone shape, put on your clothes and you are now the Pixar lamp. Costumes and inspiration can come from anywhere, but you will always remember the ones that you made with time and effort, and so will your kids. 

  1. Check your local Dollar Store Opening Hours 

Being price sensible does not mean you are being cheap! I mean after all we put all this back into a box in our basement or garage and only bring it out once a year. You and your kids do not care about the cost, but they will always have the memories you made together crafting your way through the Halloween season. You may want to get ahead of the crowd, as this can be a popular destination at this time of year! 

  1. Only got 20 Dollars in your pocket? 

We all love the thrift store! Hidden treasures amongst the racks, all kinds of things that won’t go to waste as part of your next great costume! Want to take Halloween to Flavor town as Guy Fieri? Aisle 6, 90’s button up flame shirts. Looking for a whole pre-made costume? Back corner with a wacky collection of hats. Some thrift stores even put together costumes for you! What better place to get some ideas and get Halloween inspiration? Like Dollar Stores, thrift stores are popular at this time of year. It’s a great idea to go early!  

  1. Watch for sweet savings 

Start watching the flyers for your local shops as All Hallows’ Eve approaches and watch for sales on candy. If you are new to your community, ask the neighbors how many trick or treaters to expect, so you can properly budget your candy stash. Check your points cards to any of your regular grocery stores: you may have enough points racked up from Thanksgiving to get some money off.  

  1. Looking for Something to do? 

Halloween can be fun throughout the day, not just when you are trick or treating. Aside from making costumes and decorating, you may take to a corn maze, or a haunted house! These kinds of events can be as cheap as they are fun. October can be a cold month, what better way to warm up, than to tell some spooky stories around a campfire and toast up some s’mores while wrapped up in a blanket. Go to your nearest orchard, fall is a great time where the fruit is ripe and practically jumping off the tree, it is a great way to decompress and get some ingredients to bake a pie or cobbler, for some festive desserts.  

  1. Halloween Party on a budget? 

There are many ways to entertain your guests while ringing in Samhain throughout the witching hour. Consider feeding your guests spooky snacks! All you need to do is look for inspiration involving budget items such as hotdog fingers or roasted pumpkin seeds. We know that food is only half the battle so you may want to boost up the fun meter with some inexpensive party games! How about a few rounds of pin the stem on the pumpkin? Or maybe a game of guess how many candies are in the jar.  


Holidays are an excellent way to connect with family so try some of these ways to keep your mind off of your bank account and on the ones who need you the most. Have you tried any of these tips? Let us know how it went in the comment section below! 

Happy Halloween! 


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