Five Ways to Save Money at Halloween 

Five Ways to Save Money at Halloween

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The stress associated with any holiday can be overwhelming when you’re already living on a shoestring budget, but it doesn’t have to be – especially at Halloween. There are ways to celebrate the spooky season that require more imagination than money.

Here are the top five ways to save money at Halloween without sacrificing the fun.

  1. Get DIY’ing with things from around your house

Halloween décor can be expensive, but homemade horror can be equally as chilling and easy on the pocketbook. Here are some examples: Dig out an old pair of jeans and a shirt, sew them together and stuff with newspaper or old towels to form the perfect headless corpse. Cover it in fake blood made from corn syrup, chocolate syrup and red food colouring for that horrifying final touch. To make spider webs, pull apart cotton balls and spray with hair spray to keep them apart. Ghost up your garden by cutting white kitchen bags into squares, wrap them around a ball of newspaper and tie a string around the ball to form the head. Draw on two eyes with black marker before hanging them from trees or bushes outside.

  1. Costumes don’t have to come in a bag

We all have old clothing at home that can be used for a great costume. Use your imagination to piece together an outfit worn by your favourite movie or TV character, superhero, or classic Halloween ghoul. Regular makeup can be used in place of face paint to achieve just about any look.

  1. Don’t discount the dollar stores

Dollar stores can be found in almost every community, and they usually stock aisles of Halloween décor and costume accessories. These items can be excellent value and can help you get more for your money. But make sure you set a budget and stick to it. It’s easy to get carried away and even dollar store items can add up quickly.

  1. Get thrifty with it

Second-hand stores and online marketplace listings can be an excellent resource if you are looking for specific items for your costume or need that one piece to complete your homemade décor project. You may also find inspiration if you’re stuck for costume ideas.

  1. Watch for sweet savings

Start watching the flyers for your local shops as All Hallows' Eve approaches and watch for sales on candy. If you are new to your community, ask the neighbours how many trick or treaters you should expect so you can buy enough candy without going overboard. This is also the time of year to use any grocery store points you may have saved up.

Holidays are excellent ways to connect with family and create memories with your loved ones, and you shouldn’t let finances get in the way.

Happy Halloween!

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