How to Avoid Top Financial Blunders at Christmas

How to Avoid Top Financial Blunders at Christmas

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By Bromwich+Smith Staff | 628 words | Reading Time: 3 minutes and 8 seconds | Date: 2021/11/30

Holidays? Is it the holiday season already? It's hard to believe as time seems like it has stopped over the last few years. So, holiday blunders are a given, especially, considering that all of us haven’t really been celebrating the way we used to prior to the pandemic.

With the rush of the holiday season when everyone is trying to outdo themselves and others (whether through the perfect present, the best Christmas turkey or trying to be a superstar host) it is hard not to fall short…or fall down. Between all the deals and sales, the thrill of deliveries coming to the door, all the social media attention – it really can create a frenzy for the ages.

With our collective and individual wants and desires and the added FOMO pressure, where is the fun in the festive season?  So, how do we make the holiday season less intense, more enjoyable and within a budget? 

Below is a relief-inducing guide to coasting, credit free through the holidays: Avoiding the 12 financial blunders of Christmas, by Bromwich+Smith.

The 12 financial blunders of Christmas: 

  1. Overbuying – It’s a relief to be done with the holiday shopping early, but once you are done stay done. Try to avoid being tempted to get yet another holiday gift for Aunt Millie or your pet. 
  2. Not comparison shopping – Let’s face it, high end stores have high end prices.  Look around, shop outlets for the same gift or wait for a great sale on what you are looking for.   
  3. Keeping up with rich relatives – The Joneses may be able to buy lavish presents for everyone, but this doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. 
  4. Not being creative with your gift decisions – It can be easy to make someone happy. The value of a thoughtful gift is immeasurable. Who doesn’t like homemade cookies?! 
  5. Not making a list and not checking it twice –  We have all done this, we go to the store, get everything we think we need (it’s in our head somewhere) and walk away only to have to make another trip to the store. 
  6. Not knowing what you’re spending – Keep track of credit card purchases to avoid the heart attack when you look at your credit statement. Avoid this by regularly checking your card balance.
  7. Shopping when you are hungry, hangry or tired – Hello?  Food court here I come.  Let’s face it, if you are hungry, you're not thinking straight and impulse buying happens. 
  8. Shopping in uncomfortable clothing – Going to the mall in high heels?  Guess what, halfway through your excursion, you will purchase the most comfortable pair of shoes. 
  9. Late night online shopping – Don’t have buyer’s remorse in the morning.  Research shows that our decision process weakens as the day wears on. Make a list in the morning, and don’t deviate.
  10. Don’t send someone else out to do your gift deeds –If you're sending your husband out to buy your mom’s gift, his impatience may be costly.
  11. Not remembering the total cost of the holidays – Make sure your budget includes all the costs of the season including decorations, extra party food, lights etc. Santa won’t know where to put the presents if you forgot to budget for a tree.
  12. Not getting a few extra (inexpensive) gifts – for those unexpected people. 

Ultimately avoiding holiday blunders requires planning, a bit of research, and quality over quantity. We hope this advice helps you through the holiday season.   If you like learn more about Holiday giving without overspending, click here.

If you are struggling financially over the holiday season, a human professional at Bromwich+Smith is here to provide debt relief and help rebuild your worth. Bromwich+Smith's Debt Relief Specialists are available for a free, confidential, no-obligation initial consultation by phone at 1-855-884-9243 or via

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