Holiday Hosting on a dime

Holiday Hosting on a dime

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By Bromwich+Smith Staff | 752 words | Reading Time: 3 minutes and 45 seconds | Date: 2022/12/02

As the temperature dips, we often think of cozy activities at home, sitting by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate, sitting around the dinner table with friends and family, and of course holiday baking. Many Canadians have been felt anxiety at the grocery stores this year with prices increasing, sometimes those want items stay on the shelves and not in our shopping cart. Lets look at 3 tips to keep your holiday gatherings on budget this year.

Hosting a big meal?

Every large family has that one house everyone flocks to during the holiday season. It could be Mom and Dad, it could be a sibling or a grandparents house. Wherever you sit down for your big holiday meal, the host has lots to do. If you are the host, you understand the commitment it takes. So how do you save when planning a big meal?

If you are the one hosting, make sure to know how many people you are expecting! Set a date to RSVP by, as you have to know how many people you will be feeding. Costs trickle down past the food and beverages, as you may not have enough place settings for all guests, so Paper plates and napkins are often needed. These items are a great find at your local Dollar store! Packs of plates are reasonable priced, and there is no need to spend more on one time use items.

Ask your guests to bring an item! If your sister is a great baker, maybe she can provide desert. Is Christmas just not the same without Moms Cabbage rolls, or Dads homemade Chex Mix? Ask them to bring it over! Keeping holiday traditions and keeping your budget down is a win win!

Are you going to someone elses house this year? Ask the host how you can help, and don’t take No for an answer. Many hosts may feel squeamish asking guests to bring items, so offer to bring a centre piece or bottle of wine. Helping with the clean up will also be appreciated!

Make your money work for you

Once you know how many people you are needing to make food for ( full meal, or just side dishes), you will need to brave the grocery store! It may be a good time to re-evaluate where you shop and make sure you are making the most of your budget. Many stores offer points which can be used on in store products or gift cards later on.

There are amazing Apps that will help you with your grocery shopping savings. Some will compile all your local flyers, and allow you to search by item to find where the best prices are. Other Apps allow you to upload your grocery store receipts and get cash back for purchasing specific items. We recently heard about someone who used the app all year long, slowly accumulating a few dollars a week in savings. They cashed out their account early in November and received a cheque for nearly $100, from one app just for purchasing items they already had on their list year long.

Gobble gobble.

We are hearing about specific items being difficult to find this year, and for those able to find them the price tag has increased. Turkeys are one of those items, with many Turkey farmers closing, or finding alternative animals for year-round sales. If you are unable to find those items on your shopping list do you have a back up plan? Are you willing to try new traditions this year? If not try to purchase items early to ensure you have them, and check flyers often for sale prices. Stocking up on items you know you will be needing when they are on sale can help you save on your grocery bills. Keep in mind if you are stocking up on an item just because its on sale- and may not use it- then you aren’t saving money!

Let us know on about your holiday plans, and how you are saving money on your holiday meal this year! Whatever your holiday plans are, we wish you a happy holiday season!

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