5 Budget Friendly Ideas to Spoil your Sweetie on Valentine's Day

5 Budget Friendly Ideas to Spoil your Sweetie on Valentine's Day

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By Bromwich+Smith Staff | 900 words | Reading Time: 4minutes and 30 seconds | Last update: 2023/02/08

Can’t buy me love. My love don’t cost a thing. I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight, the list is endless when it comes to songs about love and money.

Each February 14 can be full of stress for those whose love language is physical gifts. Not everyone chooses to show love with presents, and many prefer other trinkets to showcase affection. There is plenty of lyrical proof that you don’t need money to show the person that you love that well, you love them.  And there are many great ways to celebrate the day of love without having to break the bank; especially this year when many Canadians are struggling with the cost of living without added holidays.

As you do your planning and consider your budget, ask yourself what you can do to make your loved one feel special without spending a lot of money.

Here are our top wallet-friendly picks on how to spoil your special someone.

  1. Memorable Date: Recreate a special date from the comfort of your home. This one calls for a bit of creativity on your part, but it is do-able and has the potential to be very memorable. Recreate that special outdoor summer evening concert you went to, minus the crowds and instead with the magic of social media. Or recreate the first meal that you ever prepared for your significant other, with as much detail as you can remember. Other suggestions are recreating a picnic at your living room, play simple games that remind you as a couple of the good moments together. You could get creative with or create a collage of photos. Order in from a restaurant where you had a first date, watch the first movie you saw ( streaming networks have so many options!), any moment that is special to you is likely to recreate a spark for your loved one as well.
  2. Spoil them with an at home spa day. Scour through products you have at home, but you may need to stock up on a few items that can be purchased at the dollar store or pharmacy. Face masks, scented candles, body lotion, nail polish. The only limitations are your own imagination. Don’t forget to chill some cucumber water and have spa music playing lightly in the background. We do suggest being aware of your loved ones allergies before purchasing new products! Sensitive skin may not love heavily perfumed products!
  3. Have a movie marathon with all of your favorite snacks. Thanks to the magic of streaming, you can rent almost any movie ever made. You can use this opportunity to pull out your old favourites to take a trip down memory lane and stock up on brownie points. Unlock key memories from your early dating years, or a movie you remember your loved one mentioning they used to love. Stock up on all your favourite snacks, get your comfy clothes on and settle in and enjoy.
  4. Create a Valentine's Day themed scavenger hunt. You’re never too old to enjoy a good old fashioned scavenger hunt. Bonus points for clues that are specific to your relationship or inside jokes that you share. This can be done at home, or with stops at favorite places. If your first date was at a coffee store, maybe start with having the barista write the next clue on your loved ones cup. You would be surprised how willing others are to help you in this fun activity!
  5. No phones for 24 hours. We know this may sound silly, but your undivided attention may be exactly what your loved one is looking for. We live in a time where we are tied to out phones, food delivery, streaming devices, banking, social media and more. With all the essentials accessed the old fashioned way put your phone away and focus on your loved one.

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These are simple ideas of how to be romantic, authentic, and creative and the most important have a memorable valentine’s day with that person that you love. The idea is to express the love that you have, and make them feel important. Remember that love means action; so take the time to find a way to express your feelings to your loved one in a meaningful way.

There are many ways to spoil your loved ones with ideas that can be memorable. Don’t forget being yourself; that's what your partner loves about you; who you are and your essence. So just be you and let the love guide you. Another thing; add this new habit in your routine as a couple.

Marina Rojas Estampe is quoted as saying "Happiness depends on the meaning we give to our lives". The love doesn’t cost a thing. Try new things that can help collect memories and recreate connections with those that you love most. The bottom line is that you don’t need fancy outings or expensive things to show that you care. Often the things that we remember and that matter the most to us, don’t cost anything at all. There is something you can always afford, no matter how tight your budget  is.

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