Budget-Friendly Family Day Activities 

Budget-Friendly Family Day Activities

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By Bromwich+Smith Staff | 888 words | Reading Time: 4 minutes  | Date: 2024/02/02

What does Family Day mean to you? Chances are if you asked 100 Canadians, you would get 100 completely different responses. For some, it’s a day like no other with the need to go into work, for others it’s a day to get chores and errands off their to do list. Some Canadians will find themselves spending the day with loved ones both young and old while others may spend the day in solitude. Regardless of how you spend the day, we hope that you spend some time doing something you love.   

Budget Friendly Ideas for Family Day Fun: 

1- Family Movie Day 

We know that going to the movies seems to cost more every year, so if going out to see that latest blockbuster is out of your budget consider ways to upscale your at home viewing. Many new releases are available for rent or purchase through streaming platforms and the prices are considerable cheaper than venturing out to the theatre. Otherwise, find something new or old on one of your current streaming channels, or consider pulling out the dusty box of DVDs and catching up on a classic you haven’t seen in years.  
Stock up on snacks or go through the stockpile from Valentines Day or even Christmas goodies and settle in for a movie marathon.  

2 - Yes Day 

If you have a child old enough to watch videos online they have likely been asking you for a YES day. You’ve heard the horrors of it, a day wherewhat has been asked. If the thought alone brings terror to your eyes,  consider a budget friendly version for Family Day. Set a budget and let the kids know any restrictions up front. This could be as simple as giving each child $20, and telling them no other money can be spent, or you can not travel anywhere further than 30 min from home. To keep costs down even more consider using any left over holiday gift cards as the money for the day. For example you have $10 left on a fast food card, $25 to a book store and $5 to a coffee store and they kids cant ask you to spend anything more than what is on those gift cards. When you hand over power to your children- regardless of the restrictions, this will be a memorable day for all involved.  

3 - Family Dinner 

The point of Family Day is to spend it together with loved ones either family members or chosen family. Think of ways to get together for a meal with loved ones without breaking the bank. Consider implementing a potluck but with the rule that all dishes must contain at least one leftover item. This is a way to have fun by being creative but reduces costs and uses up some leftovers! 

4 - Outdoor Time 

Many families love spending time together in the great outdoors, and how you spend time together may vary on where you live! If you are experiencing a white winter, sledding and snowshoeing might be an ideal day. A Winter warm up with a hot chocolate would help make the day memorable. Some Canadian cities local chapters of Meals On Wheels team up with local restaurants throughout the month for a hot chocolate fest.  Maybe the cold is not your idea of fun, or you live in an area with little to no snow. An adventure to a local park, mild hike or outdoor play area could be what your looking for. Create a fun scavenger hunt for the kids, and end with a small prize like a trip to their favorite ice cream shop! 

5 – Look Online 

No matter where you live in Canada, there are fun FREE family day activities throughout your city. A quick google search will help you find all the options available. You may be surprised at what activities are happening across your city including craft fairs, kid activities, ice sculptures and more. Many family friendly places are offering discounted tickets and extended hours. Take a look online, and share what you find. We would love to hear what activity you end up choosing.  

The most important thing about Family Day is that you do not add to your debt. Your kids wont remember the cost of the day they will remember the time they spent with you. If you are working on Family Day, make sure to celebrate Family Day at a different time, as its not just about a date on the calendar but really about spending time being together.  

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Family Day, or another long weekend doesn’t need to be a reason to go into debt. Be mindful of your own finances and keep track of your spending. If you are struggling, or need to talk through options remember that your consultation is always no obligation, non judgemental and hassle free. 

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