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A Bromwich+Smith Debt Relief Specialist will go through your finances with you, helping you discover opportunities to change spending habits, reduce expenditures through budgeting and realize savings that will help reduce and ultimately eliminate your debt. (You can find an online budgeting tool here).

We recognize that sometimes regaining control of finances requires more than budgeting. Your financial situation might require a complete restructuring of your debt through renegotiation of your payment terms and amount owing. Your Bromwich+Smith Credit Debt Relief Specialist will explore all restructuring options available to you, such as a Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy. If either of these two options are determined to be the best option for your situation, you will also receive two Credit Counselling sessions during the process, helping you to learn how to maintain control of your debt and to start rebuilding your worth today.


Credit Counselling will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to set budgets and regain control of your finances. You can do this all on your own (using our budgeting tools and guidance) or through a referral that we can provide you with to one of our partners that run provincially regulated Debt Management Plans.

Debt relief options provided by Bromwich+Smith include 2 credit counselling sessions, helping you get back on track to rebuilding your worth.