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Are you only able to make minimum payments on your debt, never seeming to make any headway in lowering the amount you owe, or are you missing payments or unable to make any payments at all? Our team of Debt Relief Specialists at Bromwich +Smith are here to assist you with unbiased, nonjudgmental  and confidential help, providing real solutions to stop creditor actions, eliminate your debt and get you back to rebuilding your worth today.

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Consumer Proposal

A Consumer Proposal can be the right debt relief solution for many debt situations.  Like a bankruptcy, it is federally regulated, and it provides significant legal protection from your creditors. Unlike a bankruptcy,  it doesn't touch your assets and it usually results in a significant portion of your debt being forgiven, with you paying back only what you can afford, not what creditors are demanding.

Features of a Consumer Proposal:

PlusAll Unsecured debt is consolidated into a single affordable monthly payment, based on what you can afford.  The remainder is forgiven. 
PlusInterest is stopped. Every cent you pay goes directly to paying off the proposal amount.
PlusYour home, vehicle and possessions are not part of the proposal.
PlusAll creditor actions are immediately stopped, including garnishees.  
PlusThere are no hidden or middleman fees. We are paid by a government tariff which takes our fees out of the settlement with your creditors, after the settlement amount has been set.

If a Consumer Proposal Isn't Right For My Situation, Are there Other Solutions?

Absolutely.  In some cases, declaring bankruptcy can be the best option.  You are legally protected against any and all creditor actions, your slate is wiped clean and you get a fresh & debt free start. Plus, filing a bankruptcy offers a number of exemptions, allowing you to keep a certain amount of equity in your home, your vehicles and your personal possessions.  And your registered savings and pensions are usually protected. Learn More »

A Debt Consolidation Loan can also be a good option to provide you with the breathing room you need. However, if you are looking to consolidate your debt through your bank or other lending facility, you will likely need to have a good credit rating and sufficient assets to secure a loan. A Consumer Proposal with Bromwich+Smith will also consolidate your debt, while offering many features not available form a Consolidation  Loan. A Bromwich+Smith Debt Relief Specialist will explain the differences between a consolidation loan and a consumer proposal and why one might be better than the other for your financial situation.  Learn More »

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